Walnut Cove Members Association (WCMA)

The Walnut Cove Members Association (WCMA) consists of The Cliffs at Walnut Cove property owners who are interested in supporting local nonprofit charities through annual tax-deductible memberships. The WCMA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that raises money through annual dues, donations, and our annual “Weekend of Giving” which includes both golf and tennis tournaments. At the end of each year, these funds are distributed to a variety of local charitable organizations based on the recommendation the Grants Committee submits to the Board of Directors. Any member actively involved in a charity that meets our stated guidelines is encouraged to submit a grant request up to $5000. The WCMA is made up entirely of volunteers committed to making sure all the funds go directly to reputable organizations while incurring minimal administrative expenses; 98% of all the revenue we raise goes directly to charity.

Membership in the WCMA serves a dual purpose. Not only is the organization helping those in need within our community, but we are also supporting friends and neighbors who are committed to volunteering for worthwhile causes.

Since its 2007 inception, the WCMA has awarded 206 grants, totaling over $650,000, to a diverse range of nonprofits in western North Carolina. We began with just 56 members, but over the past nine years have grown to over 270 individual members, many of whom volunteer as officers and committee members. Our service to the community, along with our generous donations, has made Walnut Cove a valued and respected part of the greater Asheville area.

The WCMA applied and received 501(c)(3) incorporation status in 2012. We then established a Board of Directors and Executive Committee, as required. Volunteering for the WCMA has become a terrific way to reinforce the friendships we enjoy here at Walnut Cove, as we work together toward one common goal.


We are proud and excited about our continued accomplishments and look forward to another fun and successful year.

Board of Directors & Executive Committee

Board of Directors:

Becky Lehman – Chair

Nancy Norton – Secretary

Donna Bailey

Ed Eudy

Jim Gaunt

Mike Keegan

Robin Sipos

Executive Committee:

Bruce Baker – President

John Maxwell – Vice President

Melba Tracy– Secretary

Ed Eudy – Treasurer

Peter Jones – Assist. Treasurer


Events – Sunny Mathews

Grants – Karen Spacek

Golf Tournament – John Maxwell

Tennis Tournament – Sierra Paturalski

Communications – Karen Spacek

Social – Carole Hodges

Volunteers – Valerie Singer



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