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A 2015 thank you note from: Care Partners

From all of us at CarePartners Foundation, thank you for this wonderful grant to support our Kids Path Program for grieving children.  This grant will make a significant impact for Kids Path, which relies almost exclusively on donations and grants.  We are excited to share progress throughout the year and so appreciative of the generosity of WCMA..  THANK YOU.  Carolyn Ashworth.


A 2015 thank you note from: New City Christian School

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your grant to New City Christian School. Your generous contribution assisted in the purchase of the Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum (CKLA) for my Kindergarten classroom. For the first time, each one of my students had their own reader and workbook to accompany each unit of study. My students’ vocabulary base and reading levels were the highest they have been in five years. This addresses a most pressing concern of the achievement gap in our community between white and minority students. Your gift to our school has provided our students with invaluable materials that have and will continue to transform their lives and the life of our community.

A 2014 thank you note from: YWCA

I can’t thank you enough for your support of the YWCA’s MotherLove Program! Your grant shows that you understand just how important the work of the YWCA is in our community.

Through your support, you helped 32 pregnant and parenting teens stay in school. MotherLove helps teen parents become empowered by providing them with support, advocacy, resources, and mentoring. 9 out of 10 seniors graduated high school – that’s 90% which is exceptional compared to a rate of 36% of teen parents statewide. The other 22 enrolled students are expected to advance to the next grade.

Although these victories may seem small, you know they are not. That’s why you gave and why we and those we serve are full of gratitude for your generosity.

Beth Maczka, CEO

A thank you note from: Avery’s Creek Elementary School

Reflecting back I am amazed at all the support Walnut Cove has given to Avery’s Creek Elementary. You have enhanced the learning experience of our students by purchasing iPads, by volunteering with reading and by working in our art room. Our students will benefit greatly using the new library books that your $5000 grant purchased. Once again, your support of lunch money and money to purchase clothes for our clothes closet has protected the dignity of many students. We are truly blessed to have Walnut Cove as our friends and neighbors. What you have done has touched the lives of many children. Thank You!

Denise Montgomery, Principal

A  thank you note from: Avery’s Creek Elementary School

With the grant, we were able to purchase 60 Spanish and Spanish/English Bilingual books to support our developing Dual Language program. We also improved the quality of our English collection and raised the average age of our library collection.

We are very excited about the new books. We appreciate your caring commitment to our school and we look forward to a continued partnership with you in the future.

Kathy Mills, Media Specialist

A thank you note from Sleep Tight Kids:

August 4, 2014

Dear Walnut Cove Members Association~

On behalf of Sleep Tight Kids, I would like to thank you for your generous donation to our organization.  You have provided warmth and comfort to our local children in need. The breakdown of the funds that you provided are below are as follows::

11/24/13 Blanket order for $ 2386.20 

Just Ducky Originals (PJ’s) for $ 1100.00

The items were dispersed to Eblen Charity, Western Carolina Rescue Ministries and ABCCM.  These non-profits had the highest need. 

We look forward to holding our next large benefit at The Cliffs at Walnut Cove on November 10, 2014! Words cannot express our gratitude for your continued support of  Sleep Tight Kids.   


Jill Schwarzkopf 

Founder, Sleep Tight Kids

Because everyone deserves sweet dreams…

Please press link below to read a wonderful thank you note from the Principal at Avery Creek Elementary School.

Western Carolina Rescue Ministries summary:

Thank you for being a valuable part of this community through your collection drives. I appreciate your commitment to and compassion for those struggling with homelessness and poverty here in WNC.  Our Thrift Stores are a very integral part of our ministry to the homeless and poor.  First they provide practical items at affordable prices for many in need.  Secondly, Thrift Store proceeds help to fund our work of providing shelter, food and clothing everyday.  Finally, we have been able to supply jobs for many of our individuals over the years as well as volunteer opportunities.

MANNA Food Bank summary:

Thank you for all you did to make “The Taste of Giving” such a successful event.  Thank you for finding our sponsors – they were clearly pleased to be there and be part of the event.  I never would have guessed that a parking lot could be transformed so magically into a cabaret of philanthropy – but that is exactly what you all provided.  We are MANNA are thrilled to have been selected to participate.  Thank you so much.


Hello all:  Thank you for organizing a wonderful evening- and kudos to all of you and the rest of your team. I hope you are pleased and resting up from all.  It was wonderful to see so many friends having a grand time and supporting great causes!


GLENNWOOD Custom Builders – Dan Collins (owner)

I was blown away by the event last night.  Your organization did an amazing job!  I had no idea it was going to be so grand.  Also really enjoyed learning more about the 4 charities.  All wonderful programs, and wonderful volunteers.  Happy to provide support for a great cause anytime.  Thanks for engaging Glennwood to participate, and thank you for a fun evening.

WCMS – Western Carolina Medical Society

On behalf of the WCMS Foundation’s Board of Directors, Project Access staff, and Project Access physicians, I thank you and the Walnut Cove Association for selecting Project Access to participate in the lovely fundraising event on Monday evening. The event was outstanding and exceeded our expectations. We so appreciated being able to build awareness and interest about our program among the guests. Regardless of the dollar amount raised for Project Access, our crew walked away feeling that the evening was a smash success.

On a personal note, thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do on our behalf. Helping us understand the logistics for the evening was extremely helpful. Working with you is rewarding and fun!

I look forward to hearing about the golf event—I hope that was a great success as well.




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